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Osaka Castle Illuminage – EN

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Come & Join Us at the World’s First Japanese-Inspired Illumination Event!

Time-slip to Taisho Period!
The location will be decorated with installations that are reminiscent of Taisho Period (1912-1926) and other western inspirations!
Don’t miss out on our “Roman-Dining”! We will be bringing back dishes from Taisho Period.

Date: 11/22/2019 (Friday) – 3/1/2020 (Sunday)

Time: 17:00-22:00 (Light Up 17:30-21:30)

Admission Fee

Adult (Middle School Students & Older)
Advanced Ticket : 1,500 Yen
(Purchase Before Event’s Start Date)

Regular Ticket : 1,200 Yen
Children (Elementary Students & Younger)
Advanced Ticket : 650 Yen
(Purchase Before Event’s Start Date)

Regular Ticket : 800 Yen

Free admissions for children younger than 3 years old ※10% Group Discount for 20 or more people.

To Purchase Tickets

Ticket Pia
P-Code : 992-482
Please input the code
Lawson Ticket
L-Code : 58011
Please input the code
Seven Ticket
Japan Night

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Japanese Maze Area

Japanese Maze Area

Tsutenkaku/Tennoji Zoo Area

Tsutenkaku/Tennoji Zoo Area



History Scroll

History Scroll

Taisho Neon Lights

Taisho Neon Lights

Meiji Neon Area

Meiji Neon Area

Location: Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden




Routes to Osaka Castle Illuminage
Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden


Itami Airport



Q: Is this an limited time event?

Yes, it is a limited event.

Osaka Illuminage will be held from 11/22/2019 (Friday) to 3/1/2020 (Sunday).

Q: What time is the latest I can enter the venue?

The ticketing booth will be open until 9:15PM and you will be able to enter the venue until 9:20PM.

The park will be closed at 9:45PM.

Q: Is it a pet-friendly park?

Osaka Illuminage is not a pet-friendly park.

Q: How long does it take to see the entire venue?

It could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour or longer. It all depends on you!

Q: Where can I purchase the tickets?

You will be able to purchase the tickets at our ticketing booths.

For Osaka Illuminage: There is one ticket booth by the entrance.


Q: Is there a discount for large groups?

There is a 10% discount for groups larger than 20 people.

Q: Is it possible to purchase tickets online?

Yes, you can!

To purchase online click here

Q: Is it possible to bring baby strollers/wheel chairs?

Yes, our venue is baby stroller/wheel chair friendly.

Q: Is it possible to take pictures/videos in the venue?

Yes you are able to take pictures and videos our venue!

We also allow tripods and other photography devices as long as it does not disrupt the other customers.

Q: Is it possible to eat and drink at the venue?

Both of our events allow food & drinks!

For Osaka Illuminage, there is a food court full of Taisho Period dishes!


Q: Is the venue smoke-friendly?

It is a smoke-free venue.

Q: Will it still be open on rainy days?

Yes, the event will be open on rainy days.

Q: What is the contact information for lost & found?

Please contact the Illuminage Office: 06-6452-6452


Q: Are there bathrooms in the venue?

Yes, there are bathrooms at the venue!



Q: Is there parking at the venue?

There are two parking locations around the venue.

The closest parking lot is Mitsui Repark: Website

There is a parking lot within the Osaka Castle grounds: Website

Q: Is it possible to get to the venue via car or taxi?

At Osaka Illuminage, general vehicles are not permitted to enter in Osaka Castle Park.

For general vehicles, get off at the “Prefectural Minami” sign. For taxis, get off at the Osaka Castle Park taxi stand right off of “Prefectural Minami”.

*Please note that general cars are not permitted to enter the taxi stand.

Q: What is the directions to the venue?

Please scroll above to see the different options.


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